Pennsylvania Manufactured Housing Association

- 8:52 am - April 1st, 2014

Community owners have long sought a way to protect themselves and their properties against the potential financial liability and environmental costs involved with a residential heating oil tank release.  While some tenants’ homeowner’s insurance policies provide coverage for oil spills, those kind of policies are generally difficult to obtain today.  As a result, oil tanks at the manufactured home communities have gone without any kind of coverage.  At least until now.

 ProGuard Oil Tank Cleanup and Replacement Program is one answer for our members.   Exclusively designed for manufactured housing communities, ProGuard provides the coverage you and your community needs.  Among the highlights of this program are:


  • Up to $50,000 in first-party cleanup protection per tenant if an oil release occurs
  • $1,500 per tenant allowance for a new aboveground tank at the time of a release
  • Optional $50,000 annual blanket coverage for third-party cleanup (e.g. should the spill migrate to groundwater or a neighboring property)
  • Pro-active tank replacement

(if a tank looks as though it may leak, it is replaced before the leak actually happens)

  • A ProGuard inspector will inspect each tank, provide you and your tenants with a written report on the condition of each tank and re-inspect annually

 Just this past winter, a Pennsylvania manufactured community had a release from a tank protected by the ProGuard Program.  The leaking oil from the tank spread to the neighboring property and into the street due to the frozen ground conditions.  ProGuard responded immediately and was able to have emergency personnel on the scene within hours to contain the release and prevent it from spreading further.  Within one week’s time the clean-up was completed the homeowner’s had a brand new tank.


 With environmental cleanup costs in the tens of thousands of dollars being reported, the cost of this protection, around $10 per month per unit*, is a relatively small price to pay for peace of mind and the knowledge that, should an oil or kerosene tank, line or connection fail, help is only a phone call away!  ProGuard will manage the cleanup and coordinate with the Department of Environmental Protection to remediate contaminated soils.


 Contact The ProGuard Program at 888.354.0677 to get started or visit their website,


 *Underground tanks can also be protected, call ProGuard for more details.