Customer Testimonials

Everyone I've spoken with has been very knowledgeable. My file is always up to date so that anyone I talk with has the answers to all my questions.
– R. Jackson, NJ
What could have been a nightmare with a leaking oil tank ended up being a straightforward replacement procedure with lots of guidance from Powderhorn and my oil provider.
– Patricia K., MA
Everyone involved in the process performed professionally and were extremely courteous.
– John B., NJ
I recently had a leaking oil tank removal claim's adjuster was extremely helpful to me with the paperwork, telling me about the different process steps, what was required, timing etc.). She was always kind and courteous. She answered all my questions and gave me very good direction on what I needed to do, who to contact and when. I always felt comfortable she was on top of things. I would highly recommend the PROGUARD program
– Marty M., NJ
Your claim adjuster was extremely professional. The onsite adjuster was very polite and professional and addressed all of my questions and concerns. He was very knowledgeable. You have nailed customer service!! Well done ProGuard!!
– J. R., NJ
We had heard some scary things about tank policies in the past and were very pleasantly surprised at how great ProGuard was in living up to their word and coverage.
– Laura L., New York
Claims department is WONDERFUL to work with. A truly professional team at Powderhorn!
– Peter F., New York
Very good customer service, knowledgeable and courteous.
– Amy S., NJ

Oil Company/Industry Testimonials

ProGuard tank protection eliminates the question of responsibility AND provides immediate professional response when necessary.
Recently, a customer's above ground tank released all of its contents in the middle of the night. The migration pathway created the equivalent of the perfect storm. ProGuard's adjuster was on site immediately, authorized emergency response with a ProGuard approved contractor, and prevented a significantly amplified area of impact. Fortunately, this type release is an exception ... But it spot lights the tremendous value of ProGuard protection for both the customer and the fuel supplier. ProGuard tank protection is truly turnkey from the initial distress call to completion.

The fuel dealer and the homeowner are both well served by the low cost service agreement provided by ProGuard.
– Will Lawes
Lawes Company, New Jersey,
The ProGuard tank program has provided comfort and protection for our customers for years. This program has also allowed homeowners to reduce their risk and exposure during real estate transactions. Having the ProGuard program as part of our offerings, has helped us secure more customers, improve our customer retention, and provide better comfort to our consumers. I highly recommend ProGuard to all homeowners. The staff has always been amazing and very supportive.
– David Fein
Robison Oil, New York,
We are pleased to recommend Powderhorn’s Errors and Omissions product to our members. Our Board believes NOWRA members will benefit from the tailored coverage and flexible options provided by Powderhorn.
– Eric Casey, Executive Director of NOWRA
It is more important than ever for our oil providers to differentiate and diversify to continue to thrive in today’s competitive oil heat industry. The ProGuard Program and the ProGuard Program PLUS can provide you with the products needed to do this.
– Mike Trunzo
Former President of New England Fuel Institute,
Our company has used ProGuard's oil tank protection program for over two decades. They have allowed us to provide our customers with necessary protection that most people simply cannot get with their homeowner's insurance. Their team is knowledgeable and proactive. Being a family owned company, we take pride in the companies we refer and do business with. ProGuard has proven on numerous occasions to be a valuable addition to our gamut of services. Thank you very much to the entire ProGuard Team.
– Joseph W. Rumore III
Reliable Oil & Heat Co., Inc.,
Kudos to you Powderhorn for taking a proactive stance for the betterment of the oil heating industry!
– John Maniscalco
Former President of New York Oil Heat Association,
My dealers have over a thousand tanks and growing covered with's such a common sense product. It's a great peace-of-mind program to provide to their customers.
– Rocco Lacertosa, CEO of the New York Oil Heat Association
ProGuard is one of the most valuable tools an oil dealer can possess when it comes to adding value to the term “full Service”. ProGuard provides peace of mind to both me and my customer. When you combine easy renewal, prompt reliable response from the staff, and marketing support, you have an essential product that is easy to offer. Additionally, the program easy is easy to administer, freeing up my reps to help other customers.
– Tim Bergin
Service Manager, Point Bay Fuel, NJ,