Powderhorn does home protection right. We cover all the basic home comfort necessities – your heating equipment, oil tanks and septic systems – as well as other everyday appliances and extra amenities. In other words, we fill the gaps in your homeowner’s insurance to give you complete peace of mind and ensure that each and every aspect of your home is fully protected. How do we accomplish all that?

With full-service programs supported by 275 employees across six call centers servicing 1.5 million events per month. With customer service and claims processing available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With a pre-qualified network of more than 40,000 service professionals ready and waiting to provide warranty remedies quickly and effectively.

It all starts with ProGuard, a comprehensive residential cleanup and replacement program for owners of underground and aboveground heating oil tanks. Introduced by The Powderhorn Agency in 2001, ProGuard has grown to be the largest program of its kind, relied on by more than 60,000 full service residential customers across the U.S. In addition to proactive tank replacement assistance and other benefits, this program provides customers with up to $50,000 in the event of an aboveground tank release or up to $100,000 in the event of an underground tank release. Please visit our ProGuard page for complete details.

The ProGuard Plus Program is Powderhorn’s next level of residential protection. Like ProGuard, it offers peace of mind and valuable service for just pennies a day. However, unlike ProGuard, ProGuard Plus comes fully loaded with a menu of Home Service Plans, including Appliance Protect, SystemsProtect and TotalProtect Premier, each of which provide an additional $10,000 worth of coverage, as well as discounted pricing on most major brands and numerous other benefits. Please visit our ProGuard Plus page for additional information.

Last, but definitely not least, you won’t want to forget about Pro-Sept, the first and only insurance-backed residential program providing protection for both brand new septic systems and existing systems. Pro-Sept covers repairs or replacements up to $25,000 and can protect your property from an incredibly messy malfunction. Please head over to our Pro-Sept page to learn more.

Be sure to take a look around our Interactive House to see how The Powderhorn Agency provides room-to-room coverage that ensures your safety and peace of mind.