Oilheat Dealers


If you’re an oilheat dealer, then your staff is probably hearing about and talking about oil tanks every single day. They hear your customers’ concerns, and they do all they can to give your customers peace of mind, but sometimes the facts aren’t enough. After all, oil tank releases do sometimes occur and when they do, the results can be costly and disastrous. If you want to protect your clients' property, their comfort and their peace of mind, then you need to be able to ensure that you’re equipped for even the worst case scenarios. You need ProGuard and Pro-Sept.

These programs can be offered to your customers through various marketing efforts such as mailings, brochures and bill stuffers. Our sales representative will meet with you to discuss how to roll out ProGuard to existing customers, and all ProGuard marketing materials will be paid for by us, so you will have all the tools needed to not only attract new clients but also to enhance your relationship with your base.

Once you are approved into the program, you will also receive complete access to our online Dealer Portal, where you will be able to download marketing materials, get quotes, and sign up for online tutorials/webinars.

If you are ready to find out how to become a dealer, contact us here.

Realty Support For Oilheat Dealers

AEC_REALTYPARTNERSHIP_LOGO.pngAEC Oilheat-Realty Patnership Program

  • Working With AEC via state, local and Regional Associations
  • Forge Stronger Relationships With Realtors
  • Strong Pro-Oilheat Messaging
  • Non-Competitive Presentation
  • Meets NORA Requirements
  • Live Presentations/Webinars
  • Tanks/Regs & Safety Efficiency
  • In addition to: Oilheat Benefits & Full Service, Automatic Delivery, Bioheat® Fuel, ULSHO, Oilheat Safety, Upgrades & Billing
  • Educational Materials/Leave Behinds
  • Developed by AEC and Funded by Local Associations/NORA

Visit the American Energy Coalition website for more information.